Our Story

And so our story continues…

With each book we purchase, a thirst for Jewish learning is quenched. With every program offered, a sense of wonderment for the everyday relevance of Judaism is awakened and satisfied in the most creative of ways. With each visit from first-timers, another precious family joins ours…

It’s no secret that the Levi Yitzchak Library & Family Center is a true labor of love. Most people involved volunteer their time, and those who do work on salary put in hours far beyond the time they are paid for. This is because they know how close to the hearts of Rabbi & Rebbetzin Wolowik the cause is. Not only is it home to the memory and legacy of their dear son Levi Yitzchak, A’H, the LYLibrary has become a home away from home to so many children and adults who visit often and rely on it as their place to study, connect, and develop a love for Jewish literature. The library is constantly expanding its educational and inspirational programs for adults and children, but it is only because of partners like you that Our Story Continues and our goals and dreams are able to flourish. We thank you sincerely for believing in us and showing your support. With every dollar donated, we continue writing new and exciting chapters in this wonderful story of growth, fulfilling the imaginations of many a child, and creating lifelong memories in a haven of boundless re-sources for the entire community, young and old.

Library Programs: A Little Curious | ‘Mac’ Book Club | HAPI – Homework Helpers | Story Time
Guest Speakers – for adults & children | Meet the Author – for adults & children | Private Parties
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